“Membership of the Foundation shall be open to all African and to non-African poets who have been resident in Africa for a period of not less than two years.”


The Foundation shall have three categories of membership as follows:

  1. Fellow, that is to say, a poet or expert in the oral tradition whose works have stood the test of publication, production or other acceptable form of public exposure and is judged to be of merit;
  2. Member, that is to say, a MINOR POET, an established and increasingly practiced poet or practitioner in the oral tradition, but whose work is yet to receive full publication or critical acclaim; and
  3. Associate, that is to say, an UPCOMING POET of undoubted talent and industry but lacking exposure to publication or critical evaluation (i.e. a student).
  4. a) The body of work of an applicant for membership shall be evaluated by the               

Membership Committee to determine whether he qualifies for admission and into what category.

  1. b) An Associate who qualifies for MINOR POET may himself apply or be proposed by a fellow for re-categorization.
  2. A Register of Members of the Foundation shall be kept and maintained at the Head office of the Foundation.
  3. Membership includes other poetry groups in AFRICA connected or affiliated to the foundation through our Network of poets in Africa.
  4. Membership of the Foundation shall cease in the event of the death or resignation of the member or of his expulsion from membership proposed by the Board and approved by the major poets.
  5. Honorary Fellowship or Patronship may be conferred by the Foundation on deserving persons, whether or not they are Africans, who are adjudged to have made significant contributions towards the general fulfillment of the Aims of the Foundation.