Sitting in a starbucks coffee shop
i see people coming in
and a fleet of cabs
slipping downtown.
i’m on the corner
at this urban simple corner
behind the clean windows
is the only way to keep in
in and out out.
a shape, a style
of that ancient new city
this postmodern middle-age
of contemporary
fence cultures.
inside me i feel what i’ve heard
inside me
up to this exact moment
and outside walking the joy
of clothes on the street or
the burden of my soul
in the eyes and over
the shoulders of people
who come back home
from jobs and opportunities.
i drink coffee and
turn my head around
like a little bird that stopped
his singing
to listen from other trees.

He was born in Maremma in 1965 and lives in Florence. He graduated from Literature and is a research doctor in field of “history of visual arts and entertainment.”He directs the “Festival of Travel” and the series “Poesia” by alleo/edizioniEts with ManueleMasini. He writes for “L ‘Espresso”, Radio RAI, Radio 24 – Il Sole 24 Ore, Lonely Planet, and has directed some documentaries. Among his books are: the poetry collections Numeri e Parole (Campanotto, 1997), Agosto e Temporali (ETS, 2000), Poesiedellalinea Orange (ETS, 2009), Il Cristo deipoeti (ETS, 2010), En el rojo de Ocidente (Olifante, 2014). His novels are“The dry life” (Besa, 2002),“Honolulu Baby” (Vallecchi, 2011), and Benedetti da Parker (Cairo, 2017).

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