Ese Gift Orakpoghenor winner of Splendors of Dawn July Poetry and short-short story competition

Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation announced its winner for July 2019 competition Ese Gift Orakpoghenor.

The competition theme which was focused on “The Cost of Silence” on Anti-corruption and Accountability had 15 entries in all and was judged by literary icon Baba Muhammad Dzukogi who is the CEO of Hilltop creative art foundation.

Below is the winning entry

Orakpoghenor Ese Gift
You may not be at the peak
But never be quiet when it’s time to speak. 
Silence is not always a proof of wisdom
Neither is speaking always a fight for freedom. 
Some spoke and were killed
Others kept quiet and still died;
Whichever way, there’s a price! 
At the end expect the prize!!
People may not misquote your silence
But that might be giving them your license.

BM Dzukogi’s comment on the entries

Ese Gift Orakpoghenor, 1st position- this poem is like a little music box that sings to us, and says silence is complicity and a license for the oppressor to continue their bad work— It is compact and explicit in its conceit, with no pretense. I like it, it’s a mantra I’ll remember always.

Kolade Kabir Olawale Àdèlé, 2nd position— the poem embodies the energy of movement and seeks to move us to speak against things we do not support and speak for things we believe in. It is a call to action, to unsheathe our voices which we have tucked away in the face of corruption induced vices.

Israel Onoruoiza, 3rd position— This is a poem rich in images— the reader sees the scenes painted it is a refreshing read!

Brief Biography of Ese Gift Orakpoghenor

Ese Gift Orakpoghenor,  born on the 15th of August, 1997. Though a native of Ethiope-East Local Government Area of Delta State, grew up in Zaria my place of birth. Got an NCE in  English and Social Studies from Federal College of Education, Zaria before moving to Federal University Lokoja, Kogi State where I am currently pushing a Bachelor degree in English and Literary studies. Started writing when I was in primary four and over time,  been building an archive of my writings. I am a poet, novelist and do quite well as an orator also. Have a lot of works awaiting publication.

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